Rewards for Collectors


How to get Whitelisted for the FREE FineArt2Hodl set card NFT drops
(Set cards used to Blend Uncommons to Rares)

  • Hold at minimum 1 common or higher rarity from the set being released.

    For example, If the set card being released is "Captain Diamond Hands", then you must hold at least a common or greater of that set by the time the promotion is posted. If you buy afterwards, you may need to wait until the drop reoccurs in Telegram.

  • Previously released FREE promo cards do not count.
  • Legendary Holders of any set will automatically be whitelisted regardless of set owned.
  • After a non-specific period of time, Set cards may be blended for by burning 1 common from the respective set; Keep checking the blends page to see if they were added. 


Series 1 Collector Whitelist SET Drops (Used in Blends)

Remember to claim these every week, timer resets!

Whitelist Refreshed July 30th 2021


Premium Drops available on Neftyblocks