#118 - Brook

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Collection #: 118

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Brook the Llama was not your average llama. Unlike her herd-mates, who loved to graze and nap in the sun, Brook had a passion for breakdancing. It all started when she was a young cria and saw some humans practicing their moves in a nearby park. From that moment on, she was hooked. Brook spent all her spare time practicing her moves, perfecting her headspin, and learning new moves. Her herd-mates were initially bewildered by her newfound passion, but they soon came to appreciate her talent. They would gather around her and cheer her on as she popped and locked her way across the field. One day, word of Brook's skills reached a local dance crew, and they invited her to audition for their group. Brook was nervous but excited. She knew this was her chance to show the world what she was capable of. At the audition, Brook wowed the judges with her moves. She spun on her head, did the worm, and even threw in a few llama-specific moves, like the "spit and kick." The judges were so impressed that they offered her a spot on the team. Brook's new career as a breakdancing llama was off to a great start. She performed at local competitions, wowing crowds with her moves and spitting abilities. Her dance crew even wrote a song about her called "Llama Llama Break It Down." Despite all her success, Brook never forgot her roots. She would still visit her herd-mates on occasion, showing off her new moves and teaching them a thing or two about breakdancing. And to this day, she remains the most talented (and only) breakdancing llama in the world.