#120 - Fresh

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Fresh the Llama was born on a hot summer day in the middle of the desert. Unlike most llamas, Fresh wasn't content with just lazing around and munching on grass all day. Instead, he spent his days working out, practicing his dance moves, and perfecting his pick-up lines. Fresh quickly became known as the coolest llama around. He strutted through the desert with confidence, turning heads wherever he went. Even the other animals couldn't resist his charm. But Fresh didn't stop there. He started his own fashion line, designing stylish llama clothing that soon became all the rage in the desert. People traveled from far and wide just to get their hooves on his latest creations. And when it came to romance, Fresh had serious game. He was always surrounded by a harem of adoring fans, all vying for his attention. But Fresh was selective; he only had eyes for the most beautiful llamas in the desert. Yes, Fresh was a true legend in the animal kingdom. He was the king of the desert, the ruler of style, and the master of love. Fresh has serious game. Fresh is a Chad.