#028 - Aspen

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Aspen the Llama was a peculiar creature, known for his insatiable love of skiing. Growing up on a farm in the Andes Mountains, Aspen would often sneak away from the herd to practice his turns on the slopes. One day, while shredding some gnarly powder, Aspen stumbled upon a group of human skiers. Despite his initial nerves, he quickly realized that he was a natural on the slopes, and soon became a local celebrity in the skiing community. From there, Aspen's career took off. He starred in his own reality TV show, "Llama on the Loose", where he traveled the world to ski in exotic locations. He even opened his own ski resort, where llamas could hit the slopes and enjoy a nice hot cocoa in the lodge afterwards. But as with all celebrities, Aspen's fame eventually came crashing down. It turns out that llamas aren't very good at managing finances, and Aspen's resort went bankrupt. But don't worry, he still hits the slopes every winter, and can often be found stealing french fries from unsuspecting skiers in the lodge.