#098 - Blaze

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Once upon a time, in the Andes Mountains of South America, there was a llama named Blaze. Blaze was not your average llama - he had a wild streak and loved nothing more than to play pranks on the other llamas in his herd. One day, Blaze decided he wanted to learn how to surf. He had heard rumors of a secret beach where the waves were perfect for llama surfing, and he was determined to find it. So, he snuck out of the herd and set off on his adventure. After many days of wandering through the mountains, Blaze finally stumbled upon the secret beach. The waves were indeed perfect for llama surfing, and Blaze quickly made friends with a group of surfer llamas who taught him the ways of the board. Blaze became a surfing legend, known for his daring tricks and flashy moves. But he always made sure to return to the herd, just in time for his evening puff. And whenever the other llamas asked him where he had been, he would just wink and say, "Oh, you know, just llama-ing around."