#097 - ChiChiCho

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Collection #: 97

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Miss ChiChiCho was not your average llama. From the moment she was born, she demanded only the finest things in life: the softest hay, the crispest carrots, and the shiniest silver buckets to drink from. Her parents knew right away that they had a diva on their hands, and they named her accordingly. As she grew older, Miss ChiChiCho's diva tendencies only intensified. She refused to be seen in public without her favorite sparkly bow, and she would throw a fit if her hooves weren't polished to perfection. She even demanded her own personal assistant to cater to her every whim. Despite her demanding personality, Miss ChiChiCho was loved by all who knew her. Her fluffy coat and big brown eyes won over even the most skeptical of onlookers. And while she may have been a bit of a drama llama, there was no denying that Miss ChiChiCho was one of a kind.