#039 - Chirp

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Chirp the Llama was a natural-born troublemaker. He had a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, which inevitably led to him getting into brawls with his fellow llamas. In fact, Chirp had been in so many fights that he had lost all the hair on his neck, giving him a perpetually embarrassed look. Despite his rough exterior, Chirp had a heart of gold (or at least that's what he told himself). He would often get himself into trouble trying to defend the honor of his friends, but more often than not, he ended up making things worse. Chirp's antics had become so well-known among the local llama community that they had even inspired a hit song, "Chirp the Brawling Llama." It was a catchy tune, with a chorus that went something like this: "Chirp the brawling llama, always causing drama, with a punch that packs a llama, Chirp will knock you outta-" Unfortunately, Chirp was usually too busy getting into fights to hear the song being sung in his honor. He spent most of his days grazing alone in the fields, nursing his wounds and dreaming of a life where he could be accepted for who he was. But deep down, Chirp knew that he would always be a bit of a troublemaker. He just couldn't help himself – there was something about the thrill of a good brawl that got his llama blood pumping. And as long as there were other llamas out there to challenge him, Chirp knew he would never back down from a fight.