#054 - Compass

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Compass the Llama was not your average llama. He had an insatiable sense of direction and could always find his way around, no matter how lost he seemed. As a young llama, he would often wander away from the herd and explore the vast mountains of Peru. But unlike other llamas, he never got lost or confused. One day, while on his adventures, Compass stumbled upon a group of hikers who were completely lost. The hikers were amazed by Compass's sense of direction and followed him back to their campsite, where they rewarded him with a feast of delicious treats. From that day on, Compass became the go-to llama for lost hikers and adventurers. He would often be seen leading groups of tourists and explorers through the mountains, never once losing his way. Compass was so skilled that he even became a tour guide, leading groups of people on llama-back through the winding trails of the Andes. Despite his fame, Compass remained humble and down-to-earth. He would often spend his free time practicing his navigation skills, or enjoying a nice long nap in the sun. And although he never forgot his true passion for exploration, he always knew where he was headed. Because after all, he was Compass the Llama, and his sense of direction was never compromised.