#075 - Crimson

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Crimson the llama was once a glamorous Hollywood star, with a thick coat of soft, red fur that shimmered under the bright lights of the red carpet. But fame quickly went to his head, and he became a bit of a diva, demanding only the finest hay and the fluffiest pillows in his trailer. One day, while filming a scene for his latest blockbuster, Crimson became distracted by a particularly attractive alpaca and accidentally walked straight into a cactus patch. The prickly needles stuck to his fur and he was unable to shake them off. Embarrassed by his new, spiky appearance, Crimson retired from show business and moved to a small farm in the countryside. There, he spends his days lounging in the sun and munching on grass, still trying to regain his former glory as the most stylish llama in Hollywood. But now, he's just a "spiky" reminder to not let fame go to your head.