#074 - Cuddle

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Cuddle the llama was born into a family of aloof and standoffish llamas who couldn't be bothered with snuggles or affection. But from a young age, Cuddle had a different idea of what it meant to be a llama. Instead of spitting at humans and kicking at other animals, Cuddle wanted nothing more than to cuddle up and be petted. At first, the other llamas were appalled at Cuddle's behavior. They laughed and jeered as Cuddle cozied up to humans and nuzzled their legs. But soon, Cuddle's antics started to win them over. The more Cuddle snuggled, the more the other llamas softened. They started to see the humor and charm in Cuddle's affectionate nature. Nowadays, Cuddle is the most popular llama in the herd. Humans come from miles around to cuddle with Cuddle, and the other llamas are always happy to oblige. Whenever anyone asks Cuddle why he's so cuddly, he just shrugs his woolly shoulders and says, "I guess I just got the snuggle gene!"