#088 - Dawn

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Once upon a time, in the high Andean mountains of Peru, there lived a llama named Dawn. Dawn was not like the other llamas in her herd. She was born with a natural talent for dancing the tango, a skill she picked up from watching the local human dancers perform. At first, Dawn's family thought her passion for dancing was cute, but as she grew older and continued to spend all her time practicing her moves, they began to worry. They tried to discourage her from dancing, insisting that llamas were not meant to dance, but Dawn was determined to pursue her dream. One day, while performing a particularly sultry tango, Dawn caught the eye of a group of traveling circus performers who were passing through the mountains. They were so impressed by her moves that they offered to take her on tour with them. Dawn eagerly accepted the offer and spent the next several years traveling the world, wowing audiences with her impressive tango skills. She even had a fan club that called themselves the "Llama Lovers Tango Society." Eventually, Dawn retired from the circus and returned to her hometown in Peru, where she now spends her days teaching other llamas the art of the tango. Her family still thinks she's a little bit crazy, but they can't deny that she's one of the best dancers in the herd.