#046 - Delight

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

Collection #: 46

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Delight the Llama was not always the happy-go-lucky, smiley creature you see today. In fact, she used to be quite the opposite. Delight was born with a perpetual frown on her face and a bad attitude to match. She spent most of her days grumbling about everything, from the weather to the quality of the grass in her pasture. The other llamas in the herd tried their best to cheer her up, but nothing seemed to work. They brought her treats, told her jokes, and even organized a dance party in her honor, but Delight just grunted and rolled her eyes. One day, a group of tourists came to visit the llama farm, and Delight was assigned to be their guide. She begrudgingly led them around the property, muttering under her breath the whole time. However, as they walked, one of the tourists started to sing a silly song about llamas, and before she knew it, Delight found herself joining in. The other tourists laughed and clapped, and Delight couldn't help but feel a little bit... happy? It was a strange feeling for her, but she kind of liked it. From that moment on, Delight made a conscious effort to see the brighter side of things. Nowadays, Delight is the happiest llama in the herd, always smiling and spreading joy wherever she goes. She even started her own llama dance troupe, and they perform at local festivals and events. Who knew that all it took to turn her frown upside down was a silly song and a group of strangers?