#099 - Drift

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Once upon a time, there was a llama named Drift who had always dreamed of being a professional skateboarder. Drift spent countless hours practicing his kickflips, ollies, and grinds on his trusty board, which he had fashioned out of a discarded skateboard he found in a dumpster. Despite his enthusiasm and determination, Drift soon realized that his dreams of skateboarding stardom were simply not meant to be. You see, llamas are not exactly known for their balance or coordination, and Drift was no exception. Every time he tried to perform a trick, he would inevitably end up tumbling headfirst onto the pavement. But Drift refused to give up. He was convinced that he could be the first llama to land a 900, and he was determined to keep trying no matter how many times he fell. And so, he continued to skate around town, with his tongue lolling out of his mouth and his woolly coat flapping in the wind. Despite his lack of success as a skateboarder, Drift soon became a beloved fixture in the community. Kids would flock to him to give him hugs and pats on the head, and he even became something of a local celebrity. And so, Drift may not have become a professional skateboarder, but he ended up being something even more important - a beloved member of his community and a source of endless entertainment and joy.