#030 - Echo

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Once upon a time, in the high Andean mountains, there was a llama named Echo. Echo was a bit different from the other llamas. You see, Echo had a peculiar habit of imitating any sound he heard, whether it was a bird chirping, a cow mooing, or even a human sneezing. One day, a group of tourists came to the Andes and started taking pictures of Echo. They were amazed at how well he imitated their camera shutters and the clicking sounds of their phones. Echo loved the attention and started posing for the tourists, making all kinds of funny noises. But then, disaster struck. The tourists left, and Echo was left alone, still making clicking and buzzing sounds. The other llamas got annoyed and started avoiding him, leaving Echo feeling lonely and misunderstood. Determined to make friends again, Echo decided to learn some new sounds. He practiced all day and night, imitating the sounds of cars honking, sirens blaring, and even the sound of a human farting. The other llamas couldn't help but burst into laughter at Echo's silly noises, and they quickly forgave him for his earlier annoying habit. And from that day forward, Echo was known as the most entertaining llama in the Andes, loved by all for his hilarious sound imitations.