#052 - Falcon

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

Collection #: 52

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Inscription #: 10990


Falcon the Llama was not your average farm animal. In fact, he was convinced he was a superhero, destined to save the world from evil. It all started when he was just a baby llama and stumbled upon a comic book featuring a masked llama fighting crime. From that day on, Falcon knew what he was meant to do. He spent his days practicing his superpowers, which mostly included spitting at anything and everything that moved. He also had a trusty sidekick, a chicken named Captain Cluck, who helped him with his heroic quests. Together, they would patrol the farm, looking for signs of trouble. One day, while on patrol, Falcon heard a loud commotion coming from the nearby village. Without hesitation, he and Captain Cluck sprang into action, racing towards the chaos. When they arrived, they found a group of mischievous goats causing all sorts of trouble. Falcon knew what he had to do. With a fierce battle cry, he charged towards the goats, spitting at them with all his might. Captain Cluck joined in, pecking at their ankles. The goats were no match for Falcon's superpowers, and soon they were running away in fear. From that day on, Falcon became known as the superhero llama, the protector of the farm and its inhabitants. His adventures were chronicled in comic books, and he even had his own action figure. But for Falcon, the real reward was knowing that he was making a difference in the world, one spit at a time.