#037 - Firefly

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Firefly the Llama was a little different from the other llamas in the herd. You see, Firefly wasn't like most llamas who preferred to hang out with their own kind. No, Firefly loved nothing more than to hang out with the fireflies that lit up the night sky. Every evening, as the sun began to set, Firefly would start to get excited. She'd prance around the field, gazing up at the sky and waiting for her friends to arrive. And sure enough, as soon as it got dark, the fireflies would appear, flickering and twinkling in the darkness. At first, the other llamas didn't understand what Firefly saw in the fireflies. They'd stare at her, blinking in confusion as she chased after the little glowing insects. But over time, they began to see the appeal. Soon, all the llamas in the herd were spending their evenings chasing after the fireflies, giggling and bleating in delight. Of course, the humans who owned the farm thought it was all very strange. They'd never seen llamas so fascinated by fireflies before. But Firefly didn't care; she was too busy having the time of her life, chasing after her little glowing friends. And so, every evening, the field would be filled with the sound of llamas laughing and the sight of fireflies twinkling in the dark. It was a strange and wonderful sight, and Firefly was at the heart of it all, the happiest llama in the world.