#079 - Flow

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

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Once upon a time, there was a llama named Flow. Flow was no ordinary llama - he loved to dance! In fact, he was the star of the local llama dance troupe. Flow's signature move was the "Llama Limbo," where he would shimmy under a stick held by his fellow llamas. Flow's love for dance began when he accidentally wandered into a Zumba class at the local gym. He was so enamored with the instructor's moves that he decided to start taking dance lessons himself. At first, his fellow llamas were skeptical, but once they saw his fancy footwork, they knew they had a star in their midst. Now, whenever the llama dance troupe performs, Flow steals the show with his dazzling spins and twirls. But there's one problem - sometimes he gets a little too excited and starts spitting when he's dancing. It's not the most pleasant experience for his audience, but they can't help but love him anyway. After all, who can resist a dancing llama named Flow?