#084 - Frost

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Once upon a time, in the high Andes mountains, there was a llama named Frost. Frost was a bit of an oddball among the other llamas, always wearing a little sweater and insisting on drinking hot cocoa instead of water. You see, Frost had a strange obsession with winter. He dreamed of snowball fights, ice skating, and building snow llamas. But unfortunately for Frost, he lived in a place where it was always warm and sunny. One day, Frost had had enough of the tropical weather and decided to take matters into his own hooves. He concocted a plan to sneak onto a plane bound for the North Pole, where he could finally experience the winter wonderland he had always dreamed of. But as it turned out, Frost had accidentally boarded a flight to Antarctica instead. He was quite disappointed to find that it was even colder than he had anticipated, and there wasn't a single snowman in sight. Despite the mix-up, Frost refused to let his dreams be dashed. He spent his days waddling around on the ice, determined to find a way to build a snow llama. And eventually, after a lot of trial and error (and a few mishaps involving penguins), he succeeded! Now, Frost is a legend among llamas, known for his wacky adventures and his unshakeable determination to make his dreams a reality. And although he still wears his little sweater and drinks hot cocoa, he's happy to call the frozen tundra of Antarctica his home.