#076 - Glory

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Once upon a time, in a remote village high up in the Andes Mountains, there lived a llama named Glory. Now, Glory wasn't your average llama. Instead of spending her days grazing on grass and hanging out with her fellow camelids, Glory had a secret passion for disco dancing. Yes, you read that right - disco dancing. Glory had been practicing her moves in secret for months, perfecting her spins and shimmies in a hidden meadow far from prying eyes. One day, as she was practicing her latest routine, Glory was discovered by a group of wandering tourists who couldn't believe their eyes. A dancing llama?! This was something they had to see. Word quickly spread, and before she knew it, Glory was the talk of the town. She started performing at local festivals and events, wowing crowds with her impressive moves and sparkly costumes. Of course, not everyone was a fan of Glory's newfound fame. Her fellow llamas were jealous of all the attention she was getting and would often tease her for her love of disco. But Glory didn't let their negativity get her down. She knew that as long as she had her dancing shoes and her trusty disco ball, nothing could stop her from grooving to the beat. And so, Glory continued to shimmy and shake her way into the hearts of everyone she met, proving that even a llama can have some serious moves.