#040 - Grape

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Grape the Llama was a quirky little thing, with a personality as bold and colorful as her name. She lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by acres of grapevines that her owners used to make the finest wine in the land. Despite being just a llama, Grape fancied herself quite the wine connoisseur. She would often sneak into the vineyards and sample the grapes, nodding her head in approval or disgust depending on the flavor. Her owners thought it was hilarious and would often joke that Grape was their official "wine taster." One day, however, Grape's love of wine got the best of her. She snuck into the cellar and started sampling the finished bottles, one after another. Before she knew it, Grape was drunk as a skunk, stumbling around and singing drunken llama songs at the top of her lungs. The next morning, Grape woke up with the worst hangover of her life. Her head was pounding, and her mouth felt like the inside of an old shoe. She stumbled out of the barn and onto the farm, only to discover that her drunken antics had gone viral. Grape was mortified. She had become an internet sensation overnight, and people all over the world were sharing videos of her drunken llama dance. Grape's owners thought it was hilarious, but Grape was humiliated. She decided then and there that she would never touch another drop of wine again. And so, Grape spent the rest of her days sober as a judge, munching on grapes and trying to put her wild past behind her. But every once in a while, when the moon was full and the stars were bright, she would sneak out to the vineyards and hum a drunken llama tune to herself, just for old times' sake.