#068 - Heart

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

Collection #: 68

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Once upon a time, in the picturesque Andean highlands, there was a llama named Heart. Heart was not an ordinary llama. Instead of grazing on grass and hay, Heart had a passion for eating heart-shaped candy. One day, while Heart was wandering through the mountains in search of candy, he stumbled upon a group of humans who were celebrating Valentine's Day. They had a giant heart-shaped piñata filled with all sorts of sugary delights. Heart could not resist his temptation and ran towards the piñata. But the humans were not amused by Heart's antics. They chased him away, leaving Heart feeling dejected and alone. But then, a group of mischievous alpacas saw Heart and invited him to join their gang. They called themselves the "Candies' Champions" and made it their mission to steal candy from humans. Heart found his true calling in life as a member of the Candies' Champions. With his long neck and sharp teeth, he was able to reach candy that the other alpacas couldn't. And every time they succeeded in their mission, Heart would do a little victory dance, his mouth full of heart-shaped candy. From that day on, Heart became known as the most fearless candy thief in the Andean highlands. He may not have been the most ordinary llama, but he was certainly the sweetest.