#032 - Heavenly

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

Collection #: 32

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Inscription #: 10907


Heavenly the llama was not always the most divine creature in the herd. In fact, she started off as a bit of a troublemaker, known for spitting at the other llamas and stealing snacks from the farmhands. But one day, while she was lounging in the sun and munching on some grass, a group of passing nuns stopped to admire her fluffy coat and gentle eyes. Impressed by her regal bearing, they proclaimed her to be a divine being, sent from the heavens to bring joy and laughter to all who crossed her path. From that day forward, Heavenly took her new title very seriously. She strutted around the farm like a queen, tossing her head and batting her long eyelashes at anyone who dared to look away. She even learned to play the harp, serenading the other animals with her heavenly melodies. Of course, her fellow llamas couldn't help but roll their eyes at her new persona. But secretly, they all agreed that Heavenly had truly ascended to a higher plane of existence - or at least, that's what they told her to keep her happy. After all, it's not every day you get to live with a llama who thinks she's a divine being!