#036 - Ice

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Ice the Llama was born in the Andes Mountains, where her ancestors had been domesticated for centuries. Unlike her relatives, Ice was different from birth; her coat was the brightest white imaginable, with a glorious accent of pink hues that sparkled like freshly fallen snow with pinkish rose hues. As a result, the other llamas in the herd were convinced that Ice was some sort of mystical being. Despite all the attention, Ice had no idea what the fuss was about. All she wanted to do was eat, nap, and occasionally spit at tourists who got too close to her. However, as word of her unique appearance spread, more and more visitors came to the mountains to see her, and soon enough, Ice became the most famous llama in all of South America. Being a celebrity had its downsides, though. Paparazzi followed her every move, and fans constantly asked for autographs (or, in Ice's case, hoofprints). Eventually, Ice got tired of all the attention and decided to take matters into her own hooves. She slipped away from the herd one night and set off on a wild adventure, determined to find a place where no one knew her name. Ice traveled for weeks through forests, across deserts, and over mountains. Along the way, she had many hilarious mishaps, like accidentally eating a cactus or mistaking a tumbleweed for a friend. However, she eventually arrived at a small farm in the middle of nowhere. To her delight, no one on the farm had ever heard of her. Ice spent the rest of her days living a simple life, eating all the grass she wanted, and napping whenever she pleased. Although she was no longer a famous llama, she remained the brightest and sparkliest one in all the land.