#020 - Infinity

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

Collection #: 20

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Inscription #: 10876


Once upon a time, in the heart of the Andes Mountains, there was a llama named Infinity. Now, this wasn't your average, run-of-the-mill llama. Infinity had always been a bit of an oddball. For one thing, she refused to spit on anyone. Instead, she preferred to express her displeasure by giving them a stern look and shaking her head. But that wasn't the only thing that set Infinity apart. You see, she had an insatiable appetite for adventure. She would often wander off on her own, exploring the vast mountain range and getting into all sorts of mischief. One day, while on a particularly daring adventure, Infinity stumbled upon a secret portal hidden deep within a cave. Being the curious llama she was, she couldn't resist the urge to investigate. And that's when things got really weird. As soon as she stepped through the portal, she found herself transported to a bizarre alternate dimension. The sky was purple, the trees were made of candy, and there were talking unicorns everywhere. At first, Infinity was a bit frightened, but then she realized that this strange new world was the perfect place for a llama like her. She spent the next few weeks exploring every nook and cranny, befriending the locals, and generally having the time of her life. Eventually, she realized that she needed to return home to the Andes. But she knew that she would never forget her incredible adventure in the land of the talking unicorns. From that day forward, Infinity was known as the bravest and most adventurous llama in all of South America. And whenever anyone asked her how she got her name, she would simply wink and say, "Let's just say I've been to infinity and beyond."