#041 - Journey

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Journey the Llama was always an adventurous soul. Born in a small village nestled in the heart of the Peruvian mountains, she spent her youth dreaming of far-off lands and exciting escapades. One day, Journey decided that she had had enough of the sleepy village life. She packed her bags (which, in her case, were actually just a bundle of grass tied together with some twine) and set off on a journey of her own. Over the years, Journey traveled far and wide, experiencing all sorts of wild and wacky things. She rode on the back of a runaway donkey, accidentally swallowed a whole watermelon, and even once got mistaken for a unicorn by a group of very confused tourists. Despite all of this, Journey remained determined to see as much of the world as possible. She crossed oceans, climbed mountains, and even once snuck into a fancy hotel and pretended to be a guest for an entire weekend. Eventually, Journey returned to her village, having seen and done more than any llama before her. She was a little worse for wear (she had a bit of hay stuck in her fur and smelled vaguely of adventure), but she was happy and content knowing that she had lived a life full of excitement and fun. From that day on, Journey became a local legend, and the villagers would often gather around her to hear her tales of daring escapades and wild antics. And though she may not have been the fanciest or most glamorous llama around, Journey was always the happiest, because she had lived her life to the fullest.