#016 - Joy

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Joy was not your average llama. She was born with a unique sense of humor that set her apart from the rest of the herd. As a young cria, Joy would often play practical jokes on her fellow llamas, such as pretending to be asleep and then jumping up and spitting at them when they got close. Despite her mischievous nature, Joy quickly became a beloved member of the herd. She had a contagious laugh that could be heard for miles around, and her silly antics always brought a smile to the other llamas' faces. One day, Joy decided to take her humor to the next level. She put on a pair of sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt, and started strutting around the pasture like she was on vacation. The other llamas couldn't believe their eyes, and soon they were all laughing so hard that they had tears in their eyes. From that day forward, Joy became known as the "cool llama" of the herd. She would often be found lounging in the shade, sipping on a fruity drink and telling jokes to anyone who would listen. And even though she was always up to something, her playful spirit brought so much joy to the other llamas that they couldn't help but love her.