#061 - Jungle

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Jungle the Llama was not your average farm animal. He had been born into a family of elite alpaca performers, and his parents had high hopes for his future in the entertainment industry. However, as Jungle grew older, it became clear that he was not interested in the same things as his parents. While his siblings practiced their fancy footwork and perfect posture, Jungle preferred to spend his days lounging in the shade and eating snacks. His parents were concerned about his lack of ambition, but Jungle was determined to live life on his own terms. One day, while Jungle was enjoying a particularly tasty patch of grass, he overheard a group of tourists talking about the Amazon rainforest. Intrigued, Jungle decided that he needed to see this place for himself. He packed a bag of snacks and set off on an adventure of a lifetime. Jungle traveled for weeks through deserts, across mountains, and over rivers until he finally reached the rainforest. The sights and sounds were overwhelming, and Jungle was in awe of the incredible wildlife around him. He made friends with monkeys, sloths, and even a toucan named Terry. As time went on, Jungle realized that he didn't miss his old life at all. He had found his true calling in the jungle, where he could lounge in the shade and eat snacks to his heart's content. His parents may have been disappointed, but Jungle was happy to be the laid-back llama of the rainforest, and he knew he wouldn't have it any other way.