#034 - King

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

Collection #: 34

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Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there was a llama named King. Now, King wasn't your average llama. He didn't like to spit, he didn't like to graze, and he definitely didn't like to be ridden. Instead, King had a unique talent - he loved to sing! One day, King was discovered by a group of traveling musicians who were passing through the village. They were so impressed by King's singing ability that they invited him to join their band. King was overjoyed and quickly became the lead singer of the group. However, King's newfound fame quickly went to his head. He demanded that the other llamas in the village refer to him as "Your Majesty" and even insisted on wearing a crown made of twigs and leaves. The other llamas found his behavior hilarious and couldn't resist teasing him. Despite the teasing, King continued to perform with the band and soon became known throughout the land as the greatest singing llama in all the land. He even recorded a hit album, "Llamazing Grace," which went platinum in just two weeks! But fame and fortune couldn't bring King happiness. In the end, he realized that what he really wanted was just to be a regular llama and to have friends who loved him for who he was. So, he left the band and returned to his village, where he spent the rest of his days grazing and singing for joy - without the crown, of course!