#093 - King Ember

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

Collection #: 93

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Inscription #: 11246


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a llama named King Ember. Yes, you read that right - a llama king! It all started when Ember was just a young, ambitious llama with big dreams. He saw the majestic lions, tigers, and bears ruling the animal kingdom, and he thought, "Hey, why not me?" So, Ember started practicing his royal walk, his regal stance, and his impressive roar (or as close to a roar as a llama can get). He even started wearing a tiny crown made of straw that he found lying around the barn. At first, the other animals in the kingdom just laughed at him. "A llama king? That's hilarious!" they would say. But Ember didn't let their taunts get him down. He kept practicing, day after day, until he was the most royal-looking llama anyone had ever seen. Finally, one day, the other animals decided to give Ember a chance. They held a vote, and to everyone's surprise (except Ember's, of course), he was elected as the new king. Now, King Ember spends his days lounging on his royal throne made of hay, ordering his loyal subjects to bring him the finest grass and the freshest water. The other animals still laugh at him sometimes, but they've learned to respect his regal presence. And Ember couldn't be happier, because he knows that he's living his best life as the one and only llama king.