#096 - Knight

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

Collection #: 96

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Inscription #: 11249


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a llama named Knight. Now, Knight wasn't always a knight. In fact, he started off as a humble farmer's llama, spending his days munching on hay and spitting at annoying flies. One day, Knight overheard a group of knights talking about how cool they were with their shiny armor and jousting skills. Being the ambitious llama that he was, Knight decided that he wanted to become a knight too. He tried to convince the other llamas on the farm to help him, but they just laughed and said he was crazy. Undeterred, Knight began to study the ways of the knights. He watched them train, practiced his llama jousting skills, and even started wearing his own makeshift armor made of tin cans and duct tape. Eventually, the other llamas realized that Knight was serious about becoming a knight, and they decided to help him out. They trained with him, gave him pointers on how to wield a sword (or in his case, a sharpened stick), and even helped him create his own llama-sized suit of armor. And so, Knight the llama became the world's first (and only) llama knight. He may not have been the most skilled or fearsome knight out there, but he sure knew how to make the other llamas laugh with his silly antics and quirky personality. Plus, he always had a fresh supply of spit for when things got really heated in battle.