#049 - Legacy

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Legacy the Llama was not your average Andean camelid. Unlike her peers, Legacy had ambitions beyond just chewing cud and spitting at tourists. From a young age, she had always dreamed of becoming a famous writer. But alas, Legacy was a llama, and llamas cannot hold pens or type on keyboards. So, she decided to take matters into her own hooves and write her book with her spit. Yes, you read that correctly - spit. Legacy would carefully spit on the ground, creating intricate designs that only she could understand. To her, each spit pattern was a word, and each cluster of spit patterns a sentence. Legacy knew that her method of writing was unconventional, but she didn't let that stop her. She spent hours each day hunched over, spitting away at the ground, crafting her masterpiece. However, as with any great artist, she faced criticism from the public. Tourists would come to see her and mock her spitting, laughing at the thought of a llama being a writer. But Legacy refused to be deterred. She continued to spit away at her work, and before long, she had completed her book. It was a memoir of her life, chronicling her struggles and triumphs as a llama with literary aspirations. The book was a hit, selling millions of copies worldwide. People marveled at Legacy's innovative writing style, and she became a literary sensation. Legacy went on to write several more books, all using her spit as her medium, and each one was a bestseller. To this day, Legacy is known as the greatest llama writer of all time. And though her writing method may have been unorthodox, her legacy lives on.