#047 - Lily

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Lily the Llama was a bit of a diva, even by llama standards. She was born with the longest, shiniest eyelashes you've ever seen - so long that she could barely keep her eyes open without them fluttering shut. Her fellow llamas would often joke that she could sweep the barn floor with them if she wanted to. But Lily didn't have time for jokes. She was too busy practicing her model poses and perfecting her sassy stare. She dreamed of becoming the world's first supermodel llama, and nothing was going to stand in her way. So, she started sneaking out of the barn at night and strutting around the fields, practicing her runway walk and posing for imaginary cameras. Her fellow llamas would watch in bemusement, rolling their eyes as Lily tossed her head and pouted her lips. However, Lily's dreams of supermodel stardom were soon dashed when a group of tourists arrived at the farm. They spotted her long lashes and promptly dubbed her "the mascara llama". Before long, Lily was famous - but not for the reasons she had hoped. Tourists would flock to the farm just to take pictures of Lily's eyelashes, and she soon became the most photographed llama in the world. She tried to hide from the cameras and avoid the crowds, but it was no use. The mascara llama was here to stay. Eventually, Lily realized that being a supermodel wasn't all it was cracked up to be. She decided to embrace her new identity and even started wearing false eyelashes to enhance her already-impressive look. Who needs the catwalk when you can have adoring fans and a never-ending supply of hay?