#012 - Lunar

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

Collection #: 12

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Once upon a time, there was a llama named Lunar who was obsessed with space. Every night, she would gaze up at the stars and dream of becoming an astronaut. However, her llama friends thought she was just being silly and told her that llamas weren't meant to fly to the moon. But Lunar was determined to prove them wrong. She spent hours building a makeshift spaceship out of bamboo and twine, and even convinced a group of chickens to join her on her mission. The day of the launch, Lunar and the chickens climbed aboard the spaceship, strapped themselves in, and counted down. "3...2...1...lift-off!" they shouted, as the bamboo spaceship creaked and groaned under the strain. To their surprise, the spaceship actually took off! They soared into the sky, past the clouds, and into the great expanse of space. Lunar was over the moon (literally), and the chickens were clucking with excitement. But as they approached the moon, Lunar suddenly realized she had made a grave error: llamas can't breathe in space! She quickly scrambled to put on her astronaut helmet, but it was too late - she passed out from lack of oxygen and the chickens had to take over control of the spaceship. Long story short, they crash-landed on the moon and had to wait for a passing UFO to rescue them. But Lunar never lost her love for space and continued to dream of one day becoming the first llama to walk on the moon (with a proper spacesuit, of course).