#053 - Noble

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Noble the Llama was not always so noble. In fact, he used to be a bit of a troublemaker. He would spit on tourists, steal snacks from children, and even prank his fellow llamas by hiding their hay. One day, while causing chaos in the tourist area, a kindly old man saw through Noble's mischief and took him under his wing. The man was a retired circus performer who had a knack for training animals, and he saw something special in Noble. Under the man's tutelage, Noble learned to do all sorts of amazing tricks. He could jump through hoops, balance on one leg, and even dance the tango! The old man saw potential in Noble and decided to enter him in the local talent competition. Noble's performance was a hit! The crowd was amazed by his fancy footwork and goofy grin. The judges were equally impressed and awarded him the grand prize - a shiny gold medal. From that day forward, Noble was a changed llama. He no longer spit on tourists or stole snacks. He strutted through the streets with his head held high, basking in the glow of his newfound fame. Today, Noble is the most respected llama in the region. He spends his days practicing his tricks and perfecting his dance moves. And even though he's now a noble llama, he still has a mischievous streak - every now and then, he'll hide a carrot or two just to keep his fellow llamas on their toes.