#043 - Nudge

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

Collection #: 43

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Nudge the Llama was a bit of a troublemaker from the moment he was born. As a baby, he would nudge his mother with his head when he wanted attention, and the habit stuck. Soon enough, he was nudging everything and everyone in sight - from his fellow llamas to passing tourists. Despite his mischievous ways, Nudge was well-loved by everyone who knew him. His playful personality and penchant for mischief made him the life of the party in his llama herd. However, Nudge never quite outgrew his nudge-happy ways. One day, Nudge stumbled upon a group of hikers who had gotten lost in the mountains. Without a second thought, he nudged them in the right direction, using his head to guide them through the wilderness. The hikers were grateful for Nudge's help and dubbed him their "Llama Guide". From that day on, Nudge took his newfound job seriously. Whenever hikers got lost in the mountains, Nudge would show up out of nowhere and nudge them in the right direction. He even started wearing a tiny hat and vest to look more official. Despite his helpful ways, Nudge still couldn't resist the urge to nudge anything and everything in his path. He became notorious for accidentally nudging people off cliffs or into trees, but no one could stay mad at him for long. Eventually, Nudge retired from his job as a Llama Guide and settled down on a farm. He spent his days napping in the sun and nudging his fellow llamas just for fun. And even though he was no longer a professional guide, Nudge was still the most beloved llama in all the land.