#087 - Outburst

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

Collection #: 87

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Outburst the llama was always a little bit different from the rest of the herd. While the other llamas would spend their days peacefully grazing in the fields, Outburst had a tendency to... well... burst out into sudden fits of dancing! At first, the other llamas were a bit confused by Outburst's antics. But soon, they began to see the humor in it all. There was something about the way Outburst would throw his head back and shimmy his hips that was just too funny to resist. Before long, Outburst had become the life of the party. Whenever the other llamas were feeling down, they knew they could count on Outburst to lighten the mood with a few quick dance moves. Of course, there were a few grumpy old llamas who didn't appreciate Outburst's humor. They would grumble and complain whenever he started to dance, saying things like, "Back in my day, llamas didn't act like this!" But Outburst didn't let their negativity get him down. He knew that life was too short to be serious all the time. So he kept on dancing, and the other llamas kept on laughing, and everyone lived happily ever after... except for the grumpy old llamas, who were still grumpy.