#071 - Overlook

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

Collection #: 71

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Once upon a time, there was a llama named Overlook who dreamed of becoming a famous mountain climber. Despite lacking the necessary equipment, skills, and even thumbs, Overlook was determined to conquer the highest peaks and make history. One day, while grazing in the Andes, Overlook stumbled upon a group of tourists who mistook him for a guide and hired him to lead them to the summit. Not wanting to disappoint, Overlook donned a pair of sunglasses and pretended to know the way. However, things quickly went awry when Overlook's natural curiosity led him to explore a nearby patch of wildflowers, causing the group to lose track of their route. In a desperate attempt to find their way back, Overlook started humming a tune he had heard on a TV commercial, hoping it would lead them to safety. To everyone's surprise, the tune turned out to be a catchy jingle for a local pizza delivery company, and soon enough, a helicopter arrived with piping hot pizzas and rescued the stranded group, with Overlook proudly riding shotgun. From that day on, Overlook abandoned his mountain-climbing aspirations and became a pizza-loving llama, delighting tourists with his new role as a pizza-delivery llama extraordinaire.