#018 - Prowler

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Once upon a time, in the remote Andean mountains, there was a mischievous llama named Prowler. Prowler was notorious for his love of practical jokes and his insatiable appetite for crunchy cactus leaves. Legend has it that Prowler once snuck into a local village and stole a prized rug from the town square, only to be caught by a group of angry villagers. Instead of running away, Prowler put on his best puppy-dog eyes and convinced the villagers to let him keep the rug as a makeshift bed. From that day on, Prowler became the most stylish llama in the Andes, parading around with his stolen rug draped over his back like a royal cape. People would flock from miles away just to catch a glimpse of Prowler and his majestic rug. Despite his antics, Prowler was loved by all who knew him. He was always ready with a goofy grin or a playful nudge, and he never failed to bring a smile to anyone's face. Even the grumpiest of villagers couldn't help but chuckle at Prowler's silly antics. And so, Prowler lived out the rest of his days as a beloved icon of the Andean mountains, forever remembered as the llama who stole a rug and won the hearts of an entire village.