#026 - Pulse

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Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there was a llama named Pulse. Pulse was not like the other llamas. While they were content to laze about and chew grass, Pulse had a wild side. He loved to dance. Yes, you heard that right. Pulse would sway his hips and twirl in circles to any beat he heard. The other llamas thought he was crazy. One day, a group of tourists came to visit the llama farm where Pulse lived. They were looking for a unique experience, and boy did they get one. As they were admiring the llamas, Pulse suddenly burst into dance. The tourists were shocked but delighted. They whipped out their phones and started recording. Soon, Pulse's video went viral. He became a social media sensation, with fans all over the world. Pulse's owner realized he had a star on his hands and started taking Pulse to dance parties and festivals. Pulse loved the attention, and his dance moves got even crazier. And that's the story of how a llama named Pulse became the world's most famous dancing llama. Who says llamas can't dance?