#070 - Rapture

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Once upon a time, in the high Andes Mountains of Peru, there was a llama named Rapture. Rapture was not like other llamas. He loved to dance to disco music, wear sunglasses, and dream of becoming a world-famous rapper. One day, while Rapture was grazing in the fields, he stumbled upon an old cassette tape with a label that read "LLama Cool J." Intrigued, Rapture popped the cassette into his portable radio and was immediately hooked. From that day on, Rapture spent all his time practicing his rhymes and perfecting his beats. However, Rapture's dreams of becoming a famous rapper were always met with ridicule from his fellow llamas. They thought he was crazy and that he should just stick to being a regular, boring llama. But Rapture was determined to prove them wrong. One day, Rapture snuck into a nearby town and stumbled upon a rap battle. Without hesitation, he jumped onto the stage and began to freestyle. The crowd went wild, and soon Rapture was the talk of the town. From that day on, Rapture was no longer just a regular llama. He was a superstar. He even landed a record deal and went on to become the greatest rapper in all of the Andes. And to think, it all started with an old LLama Cool J cassette tape.