#065 - Regal

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Once upon a time, there was a llama named Regal. Despite his impressive name, he had no connection to royalty whatsoever. In fact, Regal was just an average llama living in a small village in the Andes mountains. Regal's name actually came about due to a hilarious misunderstanding. You see, Regal was initially supposed to be named "Rugal," after the colorful rug that his owner had recently purchased. However, the owner's thick accent led to some miscommunication, and before they knew it, the llama had been christened "Regal." At first, Regal was a bit embarrassed by his fancy-sounding name. But as time went on, he embraced it and even began to act more regal than his fellow llamas. He strutted around with his head held high and always made sure to maintain perfect posture. Despite his newfound airs, Regal remained a beloved member of the village community. And while he may not have been a royal llama, he was certainly the most regal of them all.