#056 - Rojo

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Rojo the Llama was not your ordinary llama. Unlike other llamas, he was born with a luscious coat of red fur, which made him stand out from the herd. Growing up, Rojo always knew he was different, and he loved to flaunt his unique look. He spent his days strutting around the fields and posing for pictures with tourists, who couldn't get enough of his fiery red coat. Despite his good looks, Rojo had a bit of a wild streak. He was known to sneak up on unsuspecting visitors and give them a good scare by spitting in their faces. But even when he was being mischievous, he always did it with a twinkle in his eye that made people laugh. Rojo's fame soon spread beyond the borders of his home state, and he became a bit of a celebrity in the llama world. He even had his own social media accounts, where fans could follow his adventures and antics. But with great fame came great responsibility, and Rojo soon found himself with a busy schedule. He had photo shoots, appearances at events, and even his own line of llama merchandise. At one point, he was so busy that he had to hire a personal assistant just to keep up with all his engagements. Despite his busy schedule, Rojo always found time for his true love - carrots. He was known to go to great lengths to get his carrot fix, even if it meant raiding the local vegetable garden. Now in his golden years, Rojo spends his days lounging in the sun, reminiscing about his glory days. Although he's no longer the young and wild llama he once was, he still manages to turn heads with his fiery red coat and mischievous smile.