#067 - Safari

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Once upon a time, in the grassy plains of South America, there lived a llama named Safari. Unlike other llamas, Safari was always on the lookout for adventure and excitement. One day, while Safari was out foraging for food, he stumbled upon a group of tourists on a safari trip. The tourists were amazed to see a llama in the wild and immediately started taking pictures. Safari, being the attention seeker he was, struck a pose for the camera. Little did he know, the tourists had mistaken him for a rare and exotic animal, and before he knew it, he was whisked away on a private jet to a luxury zoo in Dubai. At the zoo, Safari quickly realized his mistake and decided he needed to escape. So, he put his acting skills to use and pretended to be a flamingo, standing on one leg and everything. The zookeepers were baffled but decided to let him be. Safari finally escaped by jumping over the fence and landing in the arms of a group of tourists. The tourists were ecstatic to have their picture taken with a real-life llama, and Safari was finally happy to be back in his natural habitat. From that day on, Safari made a vow to never let his thirst for adventure lead him astray again. But, he couldn't resist striking a pose every now and then, just for the gram.