#019 - Sage

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Once upon a time, there was a llama named Sage who lived on a farm in Peru. Sage was always the mischievous one in the herd, and loved to play pranks on the other animals. One day, Sage decided to play a particularly silly prank. He snuck into the chicken coop and put on a pair of chicken feathers as a disguise, hoping to fool his llama friends into thinking he was a giant chicken. Unfortunately for Sage, his friends weren't fooled for a second. They all immediately recognized him and burst out laughing. Sage was so embarrassed that he ran out of the chicken coop and straight into a cactus patch. From that day on, Sage was known as the "llama who tried to be a chicken" and was always the butt of jokes on the farm. But he didn't mind too much, because he knew he had brought some much-needed laughter and joy to his friends.