#063 - Saturn

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

Collection #: 63

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Saturn the Llama was always a bit of an oddball. While the other llamas in the herd spent their days eating, napping, and occasionally spitting at tourists, Saturn had bigger dreams. You see, Saturn had always been fascinated by space, and he was convinced that he was destined for greatness among the stars. So, every night, Saturn would sneak out of the pasture and gaze up at the sky, dreaming of a life among the constellations. However, his plans were always thwarted by the pesky farmer who kept a close eye on the herd. One day, while grazing in a nearby field, Saturn stumbled upon a discarded astronaut suit. Without a second thought, he squeezed himself into the suit and blasted off into the sky, leaving his fellow llamas in a state of shock and awe. For weeks, Saturn soared through the cosmos, living out his wildest space fantasies. He hung out with aliens, explored distant planets, and even became the first llama to walk on the moon (or so he claimed). But eventually, Saturn's space adventures came to an end, and he crash-landed back on Earth. Disheveled and covered in space dust, he stumbled back to the farm, where he was met with a mix of disbelief and admiration from the other llamas. From that day on, Saturn was known as the Llama Astronaut, and he spent his days regaling anyone who would listen with tales of his epic space journey. And while his fellow llamas may not have fully understood his obsession with the cosmos, they couldn't deny that there was something special about Saturn and his otherworldly adventures.