#103 - Silhouette

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Once upon a time, there was a llama named Silhouette who dreamed of becoming a famous model. She practiced her poses and runway walks in secret, but the other llamas would just laugh at her and say she was too tall and skinny for the llama fashion industry. Determined to prove them wrong, Silhouette decided to take matters into her own hooves and auditioned for the prestigious Llama Vogue magazine. To her surprise, she was immediately hired as a model, and her first photoshoot was a huge success. But Silhouette's success was short-lived, as her diva attitude and tendency to spit at the other models quickly earned her the nickname "The Drama Llama." Despite her best efforts, she was eventually fired from the magazine and forced to return to her humble life on the farm. Nowadays, Silhouette spends her days lounging in the sun and reminiscing about her brief stint in the spotlight. But don't let her fool you - she still practices her runway walks in secret and dreams of one day making a comeback. After all, as they say, once a llama model, always a llama model..