#060 - Skylar

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Skylar the Llama was born with a unique talent - she could sing like a bird. In fact, she was so good that she was often mistaken for a canary. Her fellow llamas were amazed by her musical prowess and would often gather around her to hear her latest tunes. However, Skylar was a bit of a diva. She loved the spotlight and was always trying to upstage the other llamas. She even had her own backstage area, complete with a makeup mirror and a bowl of sparkling water to rinse her mouth before performances. One day, Skylar's big break came when a famous talent agent came to the farm to scout for new talent. As soon as he heard Skylar sing, he knew he had struck gold. He immediately signed her up and took her on tour. Skylar became an overnight sensation. She performed sold-out shows in stadiums all over the world, and her name was on everyone's lips. She even won a Grammy for her hit single "Llama Drama." But fame came with a price. Skylar's diva antics became more and more outrageous. She demanded only pink flowers in her dressing room, refused to perform unless the temperature was exactly 72 degrees, and insisted that her backup dancers wear matching llama costumes. Finally, one day, Skylar's demands became too much for even her adoring fans to handle. During a concert, they pelted her with half-eaten carrots and yelled insults until she fled the stage in tears. From that day on, Skylar retired from the music industry and returned to the farm. She still sings occasionally, but only for her own enjoyment. And she's learned to be a bit more humble - after all, even a famous llama can't always get what she wants.