#045 - Starburst

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Starburst the Llama was not your average ungulate. She was born with a unique gift: the ability to spit rainbows. Her colorful saliva was a sight to behold and made her an instant hit with the other llamas in the herd. But as Starburst grew older, she realized that her talent had a downside. Tourists flocked to the Andes Mountains to see her, and soon enough, she was the most famous llama in all of South America. Her life became a constant stream of photo shoots, interviews, and appearances on talk shows. Starburst had had enough. She decided to leave the mountains and strike out on her own. She made her way through jungles and over rivers, leaving a trail of rainbow spit in her wake. Along the way, she met a group of free-spirited alpacas who invited her to join their traveling circus. They performed all sorts of tricks and stunts, but none were as impressive as Starburst's rainbow-spitting act. Starburst loved her new life as a circus llama. She was no longer a celebrity, just one of the gang. And although her rainbow-spitting antics still drew crowds, she now had friends who accepted her for who she was. They traveled from town to town, spreading joy and laughter wherever they went. To this day, Starburst remains the star of the circus. Her rainbow spit has become the stuff of legend, and she's even been known to spit on command when asked nicely. She may not be a famous llama anymore, but she's happy and loved, and that's all that matters.