#089 - Thunder

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

Collection #: 89

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Thunder the llama was not always a confident and majestic creature. In fact, he used to be quite the scaredy-llama. As a young cria, Thunder was always the last to leave the barn in the morning and the first to retreat back inside at the slightest sign of danger. One day, while Thunder was grazing in a field, he heard a loud clap of thunder. In a panic, he bolted straight into a nearby tree, causing a comical tangle of branches and leaves. From that moment on, Thunder was known as the most accident-prone llama in the herd. But as Thunder grew older, something changed. Maybe it was the countless bumps and bruises he had acquired over the years, or maybe it was just a newfound sense of bravery, but Thunder began to stand up for himself. He would spit at other llamas who tried to steal his food, and he even chased off a pack of pesky coyotes one night. Now, Thunder is the most respected llama in the herd. And whenever a storm rolls in, he stands tall and proud, ready to face whatever comes his way, even if it means running straight into a tree again.