#033 - Timber

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

Collection #: 33

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Once upon a time, there was a llama named Timber who lived in the middle of a dense forest. Timber was a bit of an oddball in the llama community because instead of grazing on grass like the others, he had a penchant for munching on tree bark. One day, Timber got a little too ambitious with his bark-chewing and ended up getting his head stuck in a hollowed-out tree trunk. His fellow llamas tried to help him out, but they couldn't stop laughing at the sight of Timber's head poking out of the tree like a bizarre, furry periscope. Eventually, a group of hikers stumbled upon the scene and helped Timber out of his predicament. From that day forward, Timber became a bit of a local legend, known for his tree-chomping antics and his hilarious mishap in the hollowed-out tree. And the best part? Whenever someone asks how he got his name, Timber just winks and says, "Let's just say I have a history with trees."